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Swimming Pool Construction in Surrey

Monday 16th of July 2018

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Concrete Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Construction in Surrey / Swimming Pool Parts in Surrey / Swimming Pool Fitting in Surrey

If you are building a concrete pool in Surrey then you can pick and choose a design that will fit into the space you have selected.

The most popular size is 8 x 4 and that’s because it will fit into most spaces and it is easy to maintain. You can also have a narrow pool just for exercise that will fit into a smaller space. However, if you want to spend some money, you can have your pool designed by an expert.

Pools can be any shape and they can be surrounded by plants and rocks to give the pool a natural look that blends in with nature. Freeform pools can be shaped to fit into your outdoor environment and can be curvy, round rectangular, square or kidney shape.

The pool design can also include integral steps to make it easier to get in and out of the pool and a separate shallow area for children. A concrete pool can be painted or tiled.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass pools are easier to maintain, but you don’t get the wide choice of shapes because they have to be physically transported to your home and therefore they are only available up to a certain size and this effects the shape.

Lighting is another part of the design that should be considered carefully. Lighting isn’t only there for safety reasons, well placed lighting can create a fabulous effect and make the pool inviting, especially during the summer, when the pool might be used in the evenings.