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Swimming Pool Construction in Surrey

Monday 16th of July 2018

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Swimming Pool Construction

Concrete Swimming Pools

The process starts with the excavation of the land, which is done by a mechanical excavator. A concrete pool can be as small or as large as the land you have available.

Once the land has been excavated and you have the shape you like, it is time to fix in the plumbing for the filtration system and a drain on the pool floor. After this a metal frame is inserted into the pool walls to make them durable. Now it’s time to put on the concrete, which is done using a concrete sprayer. When the concrete is ready, you can choose a border and either tile or paint it. Once you have completed this step it is ready to fill with water.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools are purchased from pool shops and come ready made. They can be supplied with numerous extras, such as steps, lighting and handrails. Once you have excavated the area and it is prepared, the main drain needs to be installed. Once this is done, then a crane can lower the pool into place and then once everything has been installed, it is ready to fill with water. Fibreglass pools take less time to install than concrete pools and they are easier to maintain.

Lined Pools

This is the quickest and cheapest method of constructing a swimming pool. The land can be excavated to any shape or size you choose and a concrete floor is laid. After this panels are constructed to make the swimming pool walls and the lining is rolled out which covers the walls and the floors. Any air is sucked out, so that the lining doesn’t have any creases. It has an attractive border and once it is filled with water, it looks no different to any other pool type.